Really tasty beet salad

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Здрасти! I am a crocodile, and so you will understand when I say that I am not ordinarily fond of vegetables. But I am part Russian. Shhh! Geo does not know this about me. Consequently, I can appreciate the flavor of beets, when they are prepared properly, of course. I will now share with you my favorite recipe for beet salad, so listen closely!

(1) Get a bunch of small beets. Small beets are tastiest. About four or five will do. Peel and cut them into thin slices. No stupid, not THAT thin! We are not making potato chips here. Боже.

(2) This part Geo would like: Fry the beet slices. She loves to fry things. Sometimes she fries things that, in my opinion, should never be fried. Okay I lied. Roast them instead in a cast iron skillet. It is like frying. A little. Well not really.

(3) Peel and grate a carrot.

(4) Put the beets and the carrot in a bowl with some oil and balsamic vinegar. How much you ask? I am a crocodile, so do not get precise with me! Eye-ball it, дет’ се вика.

(5) Add some feta cheese (or whatever smelly cheese you like), dill, chopped raw onion, and roasted walnuts (or any other nuts, каквото ти дойде).

Now eat it – наздраве!

Цвекло и моркови който не яде…


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