Eating alone

June 12, 2011 at 1:45 am Leave a comment

Most of my friends live in a far away place. I’ve got some friends here, but not the kind that you can just, you know, hang out with. You have to set up plans ahead of time, there has to be some kind of set activity, etc. One consequence of this state of affairs is that I mostly eat alone, which includes eating alone in restaurants. To keep from getting bored, I take a book; usually it’s some big fat tome of mathematics. It can be a semi-pleasurable experience, but unfortunately all those people who picked on me in high school have found a dark little corner of my mind in which to skulk, and I can often hear them declaring what a weirdo I am to eat alone in restaurants. And the math – pshh!

But Geo, they’re right – you are uber weird.

Плевен, млъкни се! По дяволите! Ahem, where was I?

Alone. Restaurant. Math. Voices in head.

Oh yeah. Those voices. Лайнари са! Sometimes I am awkward, sometimes I am weird, sometimes I end up doing stupid shit, but at least I do things instead of just sitting on my ass and criticizing others for their lack of coolness. I dance in front of people, I smile and talk to people I don’t know, I use a rock guitar to play Irish fiddle tunes, and I do math in restaurants. So there (I’m sticking out my tongue now). Besides, weird can be sexy.

No it can’t.

Yes it can.

No it can’t.

Yes it can damn it!! Какво знаеш?  Освен това, всички знае че крокодилите задължително са странни .


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